Thursday, March 20, 2008

Roatan-part 1

Now this was a vacation...

Great diving for a week...Private little cabin tucked in the mangroves over the water...all the food that you can eat (and more than I should have) lines in the jungle...and time with just Brian. Ahh, just writing that makes me want to go back....

The diving was fun. We had a lot of fun swim throughs, awesome ocean life...I saw a free swimming moray eel over 6 feet long! Turtles, huge crabs, an octopus, 3 squid in formation, my first garden eels lots and lots of fish and we did a really cool dolphin dive and some wreck dives. I stayed safely on the'll have to talk to Brian about how cool it was inside.

And our "cabin" was awesome, beautiful inside with hardwood floors and a generally hot shower. And we shared a little deck with hammocks and chairs with two other couples that were friends, so we had a nice gathering place to just sit and chat and watch an awesome storm on one of our last days.

The zip line started at the top of a hill and 18 zips later landed us on the beach in a Gumbalimba Nature Preserve where we got sat upon by macaws and monkeys. (Something that I thought would be a lot cooler than it actually was, it was stinky and messy...check that off the life list and glad to know for future reference). The zip line was very fun! You get harnessed in and then you get to fly through the jungle, what an awesome experience.

We were also with friends so in addition to "together" time we also just got to hang out. We had a great week. And I have to say a special thanks to Ben & Alison for staying with the girls (especially for weathering one of the "worstest days ever" in 4-year-old land). You guys are the best! And we will return the favor anytime!

Jumping In

When Brian and I moved to SunCrest we did more than just buy a lot and build a house. We bought into an ideal. Mountain living, quiet neighborhoods, trails, pocket parks, a neighborhood market and gathering place. So with all the gloom and doom in the local papers, roads falling apart and a developer in default, I've been wondering how this affects me and how I can still have my ideal.
I have been amazed at our neighborhood involvement. Anyone who feels that one person can not make a difference should see my community get together. A group of residents has formed just to present a unified voice. They have lobbied for (and had passed) legislation, canvassed the neighorhoods, befriended the city council, and just in general provided a forum for ideas and concerns to be discussed. Without having any legal authority they have become the place where people go for answers and solutions. Individuals can make a difference!
So, in addition to joining the residents group I am also running to become a neighborhood voting member for our local Owner's Association. (Isn't that supposed to be the worst, nastiest job ever?) But I have high hopes, and after watching our residents in action I think I can still have my ideal as well.