Thursday, February 19, 2009


Why you should RUN when in response to your "what are you doing?" you get "I don't know."

After Aunt Kati came to the rescue:

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Well...almost. Brian and Em went up to the crater at the Homestead for Emilee's two days of open water certification. Day 1...not so successful, but after some sudafed and afrin Day 2 went much better.
A few years ago in church our friend, Justin gave a talk where he explained that he always tells his girls "you can do hard things!". His words have stuck with me all this time and it is something that I have found myself repeating to my own girls.
During the course of Emilee's dive certification we have had this conversation several times and I am so proud of her! She did it!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


You may think it looks harmless, but my seven year old would quickly correct that very mistaken impression.

If you had been hanging around our house this past week you might still think that the Middle Ages were in full swing, and that torturing small children was an acceptable practice. Every evening around bedtime the wailing would begin...echoing through the chambers of the house shrill screams of "not the crank" and "don't tighten it! " along with shouts of "NO, MOM, NO."

A friend once told me that she always used to tell her daughters "Beauty is Pain" as she combed out their snarls and got them ready for the day. That hasn't been quite the lesson I wanted Sadie to learn this week, and besides who wants the moral of the story when their teeth, their head and their tongue hurts?

Let's just say it's been a long couple of days. But I think we might be through the woods. Tonight as we finished the crank and the hysterics I looked down at Sadie and asked as I dried her tears "Does it even hurt anymore?" She stopped crying and looked up at me thinking. "You're just crying because you remember that it did hurt a few days ago, huh..." and then she started giggling.

I decided that's the moral of the story for this week: growing can be painful, whether it's reshaping your mouth, or your life. And that seems a lot better lesson to teach my girls...instead of "beauty is pain" how about "inner beauty often comes from painful lessons." But I still think I might wait a few days to pass on my little bit of mom least until all the aching subsides.