Sunday, July 19, 2009


There's camp and then....there is GIRLS CAMP.

The ingredients:

1 campground
16 girls 12-17 years oll
5 women leaders
3 very patient men
5 tents
lots and lots of food

The directions:
Do a little hiking, a lot of eating. A little fire-building, a lot more eating. A little knot tying, and more eating. Then take another day and spend it boating, mixed with more eating.

The results:

Sixteen 12-17 year old girls (who started out with not a lot in common) who now really like being around each other. They still don't have that much in common, but what they do have in common- the gospel of Jesus Christ- is enough. The friendships they formed and nurtured through 3 days of girls camp have turned them into friends forever and a strength and a light to each other through the coming years together. And that makes it all worthwhile.