Sunday, July 19, 2009


There's camp and then....there is GIRLS CAMP.

The ingredients:

1 campground
16 girls 12-17 years oll
5 women leaders
3 very patient men
5 tents
lots and lots of food

The directions:
Do a little hiking, a lot of eating. A little fire-building, a lot more eating. A little knot tying, and more eating. Then take another day and spend it boating, mixed with more eating.

The results:

Sixteen 12-17 year old girls (who started out with not a lot in common) who now really like being around each other. They still don't have that much in common, but what they do have in common- the gospel of Jesus Christ- is enough. The friendships they formed and nurtured through 3 days of girls camp have turned them into friends forever and a strength and a light to each other through the coming years together. And that makes it all worthwhile.


Megan said...

Hey Jen! So fun that you got to participate in Girls camp. That was such a fun thing growing up. Loved getting caught up with your family. I love your traditions. Seeing the retainer "crank" brought back all those memories of the many retainers I had...oh how I hated them (and frequently tried to lose them). But, worth it in the end. Take care!

Jenn said...

Glad it went well. It is always so wonderful to be able to participate as a leader, and then wonderful for it all to be over :o)