Saturday, June 27, 2009


  • President Bill Clinton takes office
  • Nancy Kerrigan gets clubbed on the leg
  • 9 people are held hostage in the Salt Lake Public Library
  • Apple computer releases it's first Mac computer with a powerPC microprocessor
  • Kurt Cobain, of Nirvana, dies
  • OJ Simpson leads police on a televised chase through LA
  • ...and I graduated from high school

Tonight I attended my 15 year high school reunion and had fun visiting and catching up with old friends. Some of my good friends even won awards...longest married (14 years), most kids (7, WOW!), and farthest distance (over 6,000) miles. You know who you are, so now when you browse through my blog you're required to leave comments so that I feel important and am inspired to be witty and intelligent.

After a few hours visiting, I decided that 1) we're not that old, 2) we haven't changed all that much and 3)we really should stay in better touch!


Bebe said...

I recently attended my 20 year reunion. Isn't it funny to see that after so long, things aren't really that different? The loud kid from school is now a loud dad. The perfectly dressed cheerleader is the perfectly dressed wife with perfectly dressed kids... But really, everyone seems pretty much the same. Hope you had fun!

pulhamjk said...

Well stated! I was really impressed that night to realize that we grew up with a good group of kids! Those who we were closest to are now well founded, temple worthy, positive people. I agree...those who we were friends with then should still be friends today.

FYI...flying 6000 miles was the only way I was going to recieve any of those high school awards :-)